The Journey of a Young Female Stateless Palestinian Refugee Basma El Doukhi (from Lebanon)

Personal individual and collective stories and experiences really matter

Can you imagine living in exile and in a camp as a stateless person for more than 70 years while being denied your basic human rights and any future foreseen durable solutions? Have you thought about Palestinian refugees living in the camps of Lebanon?

Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association and Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign invite you to:

Tuesday 15th December 6pm to 7pm  -  Talk and Q&A 


An eye-opening talk about human rights and the solutions for refugees in Lebanon.  Focusing on Basma's journey and that of her fellow refugees. The story is of resilience and contribution and not only of vulnerability.

The journey of a refugee who makes her way to the UK to study after getting a prestigious Chevening scholarship.  Basma will reflect on her life in a camp and her humanitarian and development work in supporting refugees and how this has changed her perspectives and passions in life.  She will accompany us through her story of resilience and strength, both collective and individual. 

Please join us through this link to learn and hear from Basma and find out what we can do to support Palestinian refugees who are living in Lebanon.