Our mission

Al-Amari Camp, Ramallah

Our main aim is to offer people in Ramallah support in terms of making their stories known and other practical ways, and to reduce their sense of isolation and desperation. ORFA is concerned with human contact at an individual level, to promote understanding and friendship.   

There is an acute humanitarian crisis in the West Bank and Gaza, and the Israeli separation wall is making matters worse. Britain has particular responsibility for this crisis, both a deep historic level (the Balfour Declaration of 1917) and a current involvement in supporting an uneven-handed US policy.

As individuals we may feel powerless, but we can reach out to people who feel desperately isolated. We can campaign for recognition of their human rights.  And we can find out for ourselves - not just accept what our media say.


You can read ORFA's Charitable Objects in full here



Al-Amari Refugee Camp, east of Ramallah city