Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association (ORFA) is a charity building grassroots links between people in Oxford in the UK and Ramallah in Palestine. ORFA works in tandem with Oxford-Ramallah Twinning. ORFA raises awareness through bringing groups and individuals from Ramallah to share their stories with residents of Oxford. Through this we hope to reduce the sense of isolation that comes from life under occupation in the West Bank.

*NEWS* COVID-19 Update Am'ari Refugee Camp yoga studio

Palestinian History Tapestry

 ORFA has recently entered into partnership with the Palestinian History Tapestry Project. 

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*NEWS* Meetings of ORFA and Oxford-Ramallah Twinning

Palestine Solidarity Campaign webinar series

Over the past few months the PSC has been running a very informative series of evening webinars with specialist contributors.  To find out more, or view past webinars, follow this link

Film about Ramallah's Mayor

The Cambridge Film Festival is showing David Osit's documentary about Musa Hadid, the Mayor of Ramallah.  The film can be accessed online from 11-18 November.

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'Jerusalem: from past divisions to a shared future?'

The Balfour Project is running a free online conference on Tuesday 27 October, 10 - 6 GMT, with a range of expert speakers including ORFA patron Professor Avi Shlaim.

Past Balfour Project events and talks can be accessed here.