Everything is Resistance: interview with popular resistance advocate Mazin Qumsiyeh.


Some recommended books on the Israel/Palestine conflict:

The Road Map to Nowhere

The Road Map to Nowhere: Israel/Palestine since 2003 by Tanya Reinhart.

How to End the War of 1948

Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948, an older book by Tanya Reinhart.


Forced Migration Review

Forced Migration Review (FMR), published by the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, provides a practice-oriented forum for debate on issues facing refugees and internally displaced people in order to improve policy and practice and to involve refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in programme design and implementation. FMR is published in English, Arabic, Spanish and French. Issue 26 focusses on Palestinian displacement: a case apart?


Oxford Mail article about the Ramallah children' visit in July/August 2007.

Oxford Times report on the Ramallah children' visit in July 2005.


BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Show Interview with Ramadan Sharqawi on Thursday 2 August 2007.